The Canada-China FIPA has taken me on quite a journey. It has taken me from the Healing Walk through the oil sands in Alberta, to the Dene Nation Chiefs table in the North West Territories, to the stage at the Green Party of Canada annual conference in New Brunswick, and all the towns in between to meet and listen to people’s concerns about the rapidly changing landscape of Canada.

This journey caused me to face my inner most fears on a physical, mental & spiritual level. I faced them because I could forsee the negative impact this agreement would have on the people, the land and the water for the next 7 x 7 generations. And I rose to the challenge out of the love I hold for the people and the land.

It is not our responsibility; it is our duty, to ensure future generations have everything they need to sustain themselves and their families. They have a right to clean air, clean water and food as we enjoy today. The children, the people of Canada and future generations are what got me out of bed every day to continue fighting the long, arduous legal challenge to stop the ratification of the Canada-China FIPA.

I am running for the GPC because they are the only party that not only has vision but has solutions to slow down climate change. The GPC is the only political party that sees the land as more than making a profit, it is about Ecological Wisdom and this sits well with my First Nations values.

It was my love for the people and their unwavering support that kept me strong. FIPA was the most difficult challenge of my life and the most rewarding. And yes, some days were daunting; some days I had my doubts, some days it looked as though we would have to pack it in. But as my team members Tarah and Ellen called it, a FIPA miracle would happen and we would be back on track again.

It was an honour to serve the people of Canada.

But most importantly, the Canada-China FIPA has led me to all of you. And I need to tell each of you how precious all of you are to me. I know that in all of you, I have found lifelong friendships and I honour each of you.

I am thrilled to have walked with all of you these past 4 months and I am in awe of your hard work, dedication and belief in me. All of you have made an imprint and enriched my life in a way that has touched my spirit forever.

All this to say, that on a day we reflect on what we are thankful for, I want to express how grateful I am to each and every one of you. I could have not made it this far without your hard work and dedication.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families.

Much love,


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