My family was the strength behind me, along with community members stretching across the North Island – Powell River riding. You all gave me strength during the campaign period. Thank you.

The Riding result was called, and I wanted to say that what we achieved in the four-month period since I was nominated is quite incredible. Together we accomplished a lot.

Sue and I travelled from the very northern tip of this riding, through the Islands and to Powell River several times over the past months. I truly enjoyed going into communities and meeting the people; having a coffee or a meal or a chat about their thoughts or concerns about the future of our country.

As I watched the results roll in from across the country, Elizabeth May was strongly on my mind. She will be the only Green Member of Parliament for the next four years. This is a lot to carry by herself. She will need our help.

We need to hold our Members of Parliament accountable. There were many promises made during this election - from an inquiry into the Missing and Murdered Indigenous women and girls, to ensuring urgent climate action and creating green jobs. These are also the things I repeatedly heard at the All-Candidates meetings.

As community members, we need to hold the newly elected MP’s accountable to the things they said they would do. It is our responsibility and when I travelled across Canada to raise the profile of the Canada-China FIPA I encouraged people to meet with their MP’s as individuals or groups. They are accountable to us and it is important we do our part. We must remain engaged and informed.

Sandy Mayzell told me a story the other day. She had been out in my traditional territory visiting the fish ladder and watched how the salmon were fighting to make their way to the spawning grounds, their destination. She described how they would take a rest in the quiet ponds for a short while, then continue on their journey.

I liken this story to the Green Party as we struggle to grow, but never give up, because we have determination to reach our goal. And as people wake up across the country, as climate change forces us to face the reality of a changing environment, they will look to the Green Party because we have a vision; we have something new to offer, we have a plan to address climate change and move to clean energy. We have a plan not just for the next four year election cycle, but for the next seven generations.

I want to acknowledge and thank everyone who I met along this four-month journey. We have not only formed friendships but also lifelong connections and I want to thank all of you for believing in me.

I want to thank those Green Party members who stood strong beside me and other Green candidates across Canada. Who believed in what we stand for, who put lawn signs out or banners on their cars because we all know this election was hijacked by fear. Thank you for standing beside your integrity, thank you for standing beside what you believe in.

The wise ones say the only thing a person can take with them when they cross to the other side is their honour, integrity and word. Thank you for not compromising your values; thank you for not compromising your integrity and for not compromising who you are as a human being. Thank you for not being controlled by fear. This is why our country is in the state it is in, we have lost sight of these vital values and principles.

And speaking of integrity, I am proud North Island-Powell River ran a clean election focused solely on our Green Party values. This is an extremely important message not to be overshadowed by making negative remarks about other parties. This is something we should all be proud of. We are in precarious times and it is imperative we all get along and work across party lines. Something Elizabeth May sets the standard for.

I want to thank all the volunteers who put up signs, went canvassing door to door, organized events, entered data into the computer system, all those who selflessly dedicated time.

I gave the volunteers at the gathering something from me that would have significance, rather than a monetary gift and will serve as a reminder of our connection to each other. My cousin Tooie Casavant gave me eagle feathers from our traditional territory to gift to all them. She took apart the eagle herself and I know she did it in the right way; this is precious to me. Eagle feathers have important meaning to our people and I was happy to be able to honour those volunteers at the election night gathering. It is to be taken care of with respect.

I would like to read a note from one of my supporters Ken Shannon:

“My dear Brenda. We love you. You can sleep well knowing that you fulfilled all that was asked from every level of reality. Tomorrow your next step will begin to be revealed. I am so excited for you and what you bring to your people, the people of Canada and all of creation. You are awesome, my dear friend. All love of the Universe is yours. Thank you for being the Green candidate in this riding.”

And with this I offer an acceptance speech. I accept and thank you for all your support and love and for walking beside me on this incredible four month journey that has brought me to all of you.

Much love to you all.


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