Intros – 20 minutes

NIPR-FGPA history, goals, and progress – 20 minutes

Group Priorities / Feedback & Ideas / Possible Candidates – 30 minutes

Next Steps – 20 minutes

Informal discussions

  • Stated NIPR-FGPA Goals:
  1. Raise $10,000 for EDA activities.
  2. Develop Regional Networks: Geographic Action Teams.
  3. Recruit 100 new GPC members.
  4. Run a successful candidate sure and be election ready.
  5. Execute a robust Communications Plan.
  • Priorities/Feedback/Ideas:

Earning a Living

  • Trade agreements / Revisit the more damaging ones, e.g. FIPA.
  • Complete the First Nations Treaty process to create economic stability.
  • Assuage fears of employees in resource extraction.
  • Find organizations that provide re-training for new green technology.
  • Greening up industry.
  • Limiting / decreasing corporate power in the daily lives of Canadians.
  • Regional Ecology - Fish farms.


  • Restoring retirement age to 65 with full pension accessible at time of retirement.
  • Guaranteed Living Income for ALL Canadians.
  • Regional food security.
  • Water: quality and security.

Access to Unbiased Information

  • CBC – the importance of our national broadcaster.
    • Restoring “Freedom of the Press”.
  • Expanding local media.
  • New and better access to Internet Media.
    • New resources and ‘channels’.
  • Concern re the concentration of the ownership of media in Canada.
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