Message from the CEO

by Mark de Bruijn

On June 16, the EDA of the North Island-Powell River (NIPR) Greens began a brand-new year with the election of a new, seven-member Board of Directors. As the CEO of our riding, I invite all green-minded citizens to consider joining with us in Greening the world.

As Greens, we aspire to doing politics differently. This means ending hyper-partisanship and attack-ads, and the unruly and disrespectful behaviour that’s become so commonplace in the halls of government.

We want to end empty election promises and backroom deals that benefit special interest groups and powerful corporations instead of the people. We want people to feel good about voting with their hearts as well as their minds.

Greens believe in social justice, sustainability, acknowledging the wisdom of the natural world, respect for diversity, non-violence, and participatory democracy. These are the principles upon which our policies are based. They are the foundation for how we work with all like-minded citizens to build a sustainable and thriving future.

And we need you!

From volunteering at community events, to finding a really great Green candidate to represent our riding in the 2019 federal election, to getting our candidate elected, to planning public meetings and presentations, to talking with friends, family, workmates, classmates – everyone we meet in our lives – about the kind of world we want to have – these are some of the almost unlimited ways you and NIPR’s EDA can work together over the next year.

There is a place for you in NIPR, and we need all hands on deck.

Help us meet the challenges we all face by creating a new, sustainable world where everyone thrives. What could be more important, more rewarding, and more fun?!

Without your ideas, enthusiasm, commitment, and integrity, our Board, indeed our Party, cannot succeed in our collective grand enterprise.

We need you. Join us today.

It’s time to get caught up on what’s been happening in your NIPR Electoral District Association! We’ve had a lot of changes, and we’ve been busy.

NIPR AGM, June 16, 2018

More than 30 people attending the North Island-Powell River (NIPR) Green Party AGM in Campbell River on June 16 heard from the David who defeated the provincial Goliath and saved the Shawnigan Lake watershed.

Not so David-like anymore, Sonia Furstenau, Deputy Leader of the provincial Green Party and the MLA representing the Cowichan Valley, held listeners enthralled as she related a conversation she had with her 12-year-old son.

When asked by Furstenau how he was feeling about his future, her son responded “not so good.”

“Why not?” Furstenau asked.

“Because of pollution,” he said, “and climate change, and Trump.” Read more.

Pictured left to right are Doug Cowell, Terry Choquette, Jay van Oostdam, Mark de Bruijn, guest Sonia Theroux, Megan Ardyche, Mark Tapper, guest MLA Sonia Furstenau, Blair Cusack, Cynthia Barnes, and Gail Wolverton.

Canada Day Recycling, Campbell River

Left to right: Reba Ferguson, Robin Cahill

The festivities begin! We are at Spirit Square for the night before Canada Day BBQ. Sue Moen organized a number of Green Party recycling efforts in Campbell River this year. Thank you, Sue!

Gay Pride Comox Valley

NIPR had an information tent at Pride Picnic in the Park on July 28. It was a gorgeous day for it. There was great music, and lots of people wandering around.

Left to right: Terry Choquette, Jay van Oostdam, David Anson, and Mark de Bruijn

Left to right:  David Anson and Sue Moen

Kevin Taft Tour

The Native Sons Hall in Courtenay rocked on September 13, when author and former Alberta MLA, Kevin Taft, spoke to an attentive crowd of around 115 about the how oil corporations are corrupting what Abraham Lincoln defined as democracy: Government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Taft was introduced by Damien Gillis, Campbell River filmmaker, who graphically described the reach of oil companies into Canada’s public and private organizations as invasive and parasitic.

Taft explored big oil’s tentacles further by specifically describing how Canadian political parties, Canadian government departments, branches of the Canadian civil service, portions of Canadian universities and colleges, many private sector organizations and even much of the Canadian press, are infiltrated by oil corporations with the sole focus to control any and all discussion about oil.

Attendees asked more questions than there was time to answer. Taft ended the evening by signing his critically received fifth book, Oil’s Deep State. You can read an article about Kevin Taft here.

The Courtenay event was the last of a 5-city tour that Taft did in the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island. This tour was exclusively organized by Green Party volunteers from 10 EDAs. However, it wasn’t a Green Party event because all the organizers felt so strongly that this was a message everyone needed to hear, and we didn’t want anyone to stay away because of Party affiliation. It was a tremendous achievement by those volunteers.

Local volunteers: Left to right: Ria Tromp, Pat Carl, Jay van Oostdam, Pam Munroe, Kevin Taft, Damien Gillis, Megan Ardyche, Mark de Bruijn. Missing: Carol Thatcher, Blair Cusack

BC Referendum on Proportional Representation

As you all know by now, the BC government has called a referendum on proportional representation for this fall. Many NIPR Greens are working tirelessly to ensure this measure succeeds this time. NIPR Greens have been working with Fair Vote Comox Valley, Fair Vote Campbell River/Quadra, and Fair Vote Powell River.

There are massive amounts of money stacked against the PR side, and the mainstream media are definitely giving much more coverage to the “no” side of the campaign.

There are lots of groups you can support: Fair Vote Canada/BC and Vote PR BC are the two main groups. Many smaller groups, like Dogwood and Leadnow, BC Gov’t Employees Union, and the BC Federation of Students, are working with Vote PR BC, which is the official proponent in the referendum.


by Megan Ardyche

One of the things NIPR started last winter was a weekly news blog. It’s completely different from this newsletter, which is all about NIPR. The blog, called Did You Know … Must Reads from Last Week, is a compilation of links to news items of interest to Greens. Right now it has a section on the electoral reform referendum in BC, but it routinely has sections that are local, provincial, national, and global. Subscribe now and you’ll never miss any news about what’s happening in NIPR.

Some comments that have come in about Did You Know:
“Good blog post. I absolutely appreciate this site. Stick with it!”
Thank you for the wonderful issue of Must Reads. As always, it’s jam-packed with interesting and uplifting items. I don’t know how you find all this stuff, but having it compiled in one place as you do is a great service to anyone who loves this planet and wants to be part of creating a wonderful future. So calming…thank you.”
“This newsletter keeps getting better!  I have to put it away and come back to it because there are so many interesting and informative links. Thanks again!”

Subscribe now and see what the excitement is about.

Election Readiness

by Mark Tapper

The next federal election is about a year away.  This is our year to further Green values and enable more sensible and wise government of our nation.  We are getting ready.

Nominations are now open for a Green party candidate to represent the North Island - Powell River (NIPR) riding. Your NIPR Election Readiness Committee is excited about helping to find our candidate. To this end we are approaching a number of “local heroes” living in our riding, exemplifying the Green Party values, to see if they will run.  

You, as a member of the Green Party of Canada, will make the final decision as to who will be our candidate. This will take place at a Nomination Meeting at the appropriate time. We will keep you informed of our progress and look forward to your involvement in the selection of the best candidate to represent the North Island Powell River Greens.

In the meantime, for additional information or to suggest a “local hero” for potential candidacy please contact Mark at

In Powell River

by Cynthia Barnes

Mark de Bruijn, NIPR’s new CEO, went over to Powell River in August, to meet with some Greens there. NIPR hopes to renew contacts throughout the riding over the next year.

Exciting things are happening in Powell River. Climate Action Powell River Society (CAPR) is planning a strategy meeting in early October and is working with a skilled fundraiser and project development person to put together a food security proposal.  More on that later. They hired a summer student to compile energy consumption in this area. Much of the data was very difficult to access; however they anticipate a report from BCIT later this fall.

CAPR is also hoping to pilot an ecological footprint calculator as they feel the need for an excellent calculator much like the calculator the City of Calgary hosts (although it is largely inactive). CAPR’s new website is up and running and hosts a carbon calculator. Check it out.

EDA Mobilization Webinars

The Green Party of Canada National office is really working at providing EDA Executives with more tools to organize effectively and to run great local organizations. One of those tools has been webinars for EDA Executive members and for interested volunteers. You can see upcoming webinars here. There are volunteer on-boarding webinars, and often webinars on specific topics such as creating great events. With the 2019 election fast approaching, I imagine there will be many more webinars being offered. These webinars are open to all Green Party members and volunteers.

Green Party of Canada 2018 Convention

DATES: September 28-30, 2018.
LOCATION: Bayshore Westin, Vancouver

The GPC has an incredible opening gala event planned to kick off the convention 2018 weekend — and it is open to all!. President of UBCIC, Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, will be speaking, along with political scientist, Thomas Homer-Dixon on the subject of hope and honesty! Please help us share, invite your friends in the Vancouver area, and join us there!!! It’s not too late to register.

Where are we going next?

The NIPR Executive now has the ability to use Zoom, an online meeting tool which is very easy to use. We plan to use this to have face-to-face meetings around the riding over the next year. If you would like to schedule a one-on-one meeting with the Executive, or with any member of the Executive, let us know.

Think about how you’d like to be involved with NIPR, whether it’s as a phone caller, a letter writer, a fundraiser, a local organizer, or a member of the NIPR Executive. Remember…

EDA Executives across Canada are connecting via regular Zoom drop-ins twice a week. This is a very exciting opportunity to get to know each other, and to share ideas and support. This will make a huge difference with EDAs feeling connected, and it will create a more cohesive, unified, and stronger Green Party. It is very motivating to attend these drop-ins, so we’re getting energized. If you’d like to try a drop-in, just let NIPR know at

We appreciate donations from strong Green supporters. Thank you.
Mounting an election campaign in a riding of our size is daunting in many ways, not least of which is financially.
As we approach the 2019 election, please take this opportunity to keep our momentum goingand maximize your tax deductions for 2018!

   Make a comment on our newsletters. We’re always looking for feedback.

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To keep up to date on NIPR news, please subscribe to all our communications. We want input about local events and issues throughout the riding, and information of concern for all of us. No one person can keep abreast of everything out there. Megan is currently doing these communications, so if you have news, write to her at

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Greens are defined by a personal responsibility to the community, the quality of decisions we make, and our ability to defend those decisions. We are not responsible for the success or failure of other political entities, and Greens are committed to earning the respect of voters.

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Mark de Bruijn
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Doug Cowell
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