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Greens dream of sustainable lifestyle, deep meaningful democracy, and limits to growth in respect for finite resources. Your NIPR executive has the courage and a vision to serve and be visible in our communities. On behalf of NIPR Greens, I thank you for stepping up. The future is pregnant with options. Speak up with confidence, know your voice is heard; you are the agent for change.


The April 2017 AGM featured guest speakers Andrew Nikiforuk (Canadian journalist and investigative author), Provincial candidates Ernie Sellentin (Courtenay-Comox) and Sue Moen (North Island). read more 

Quadra Beach Clean-up

The NIPR EDA joined dozens of Quadra residents for their 20th annual Earth Day Beach Clean-Up. This completely volunteer-driven event is hosted by the Sierra Club of Quadra Island and involves hundreds of volunteer hours. read more 

Earth Day on Mitlenatch Island

NIPR members Mark de Bruijn and Carol Thatcher, with friends Elizabeth Karunaratne and Chris Farah, spent Earth Day on Mitlenatch Island in the the Salish Sea…Every week from April to September small teams of volunteers act as stewards. The only human presence, apart from the volunteer stewards, is the occasional day visitor arriving by boat. To safeguard the plants and breeding birds, most of the island is strictly out of bounds to everyone. read more

Saanich-Gulf Islands EDA AGM

Greens from Courtenay-Alberni and North Island-Powell River federal EDAs travelled to Sidney in June to attend the AGM of the Saanich-Gulf Islands (SGI) EDA. Shown from left to right: LeRoy McFarlane, Megan Ardyche, Mark de Bruijn, Sue Moen (all from NIPR), Elizabeth May, Don Munroe and Sharon Edwards (both from Courtenay-Alberni riding), Thomas Teuwen (SGI), and Adam Olsen (newly elected BC Green MLA). read more

Canada Day - Campbell River

NIPR did the recycling for the Canada Day events for the second year in a row. What a feat of organization, with multiple venues and different times. read more

Tribal Journeys 2017

NIPR had a member in Port Townsend, WA July 22

…and several members at the K’omoks First Nation on August 3

…and at Quadra Island

Crowd at Tyee Spit welcoming 100 canoe families.

Aerial photo of canoes on Quadra Island.

7000+ visitors at the big feast, Campbell River.

…and at Campbell River where the Greens again took care of garbage and recycling. read more

BC Greens AGM

In August, about 12 Greens from NIPR and Courtenay-Alberni and the BC Green Party attended the AGM in Sidney. There was lots of great energy as people celebrated now having 3 Green MLAs. I especially enjoyed Dr. Dan O’Neill’s keynote address.  Below is his closing slide.

Green-Storming Workshop

In August, there was a gathering of Federal Green Party EDAs. There is a move afoot to connect BC EDAs with each other for support, idea/ information sharing, and skill sharing. The Green storming session was like brainstorming, only with Green principles. It was a fun exercise that generated lots of ideas and a terrific experience, and it bodes well for where the Green Party of Canada is going. Sarah Potts, our GPC regional rep for Alberta and BC was there and offered her support to all EDAs; it was great to meet her in person. You will want to read more on this.

Gay Pride

Pride flag raising at North Island College Courtenay campus, August 2017.

Where are we going next?

The BC NDP government has promised a referendum on electoral reform (ER) in 2018. Many groups (Fair Vote Canada, Fair Voting BC, etc.) are forming non-partisan groups to help frame the referendum question(s) and to run a campaign in advance of the referendum. Although this effort is provincial, electoral reform is also a national issue. If we can get ER passed in BC in 2018, that will strengthen the federal effort. As an added bonus, Fair Vote Canada wants to run this like an election campaign, so it will be good practice for us leading up to the 2019 federal election campaigns.  So far, 3 of our members have attended an inaugural meeting; if you’re interested, contact for more info.  (You might want to copy and paste that email rather than try to recreate it!)

NIPR is currently working as sort of an information distribution hub for the local BC Greens and for the Comox Valley members of the Courtenay-Alberni EDA. Please subscribe to our communications to keep in touch. We want input about local events and issues, and information of concern for all of us. No one person can keep abreast of everything out there. Megan is currently doing these communications, so write to her at

Link & Contact Info

Greens are defined by a personal responsibility to the community, the quality of decisions we make, and our ability to defend those decisions. We are not responsible for the success or failure of other political entities, and Greens are committed to earning the respect of voters.

Official NIPR email:

Your NPR Executive:
Cynthia Barnes

Debra Hughes
Doug Cowell
Jay Van Oostdam
LeRoy McFarlane, CEO
Mark de Bruijn
Mark Tapper
Megan Ardyche
Michael Mascall
Ricarda van Orden
Robin Cahill
Sue Moen

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