• Sue Moen
  • Dave Ferguson
  • Linda Swanton
  • Leroy McFarlane
  • Ian Button
  • Jonathan Kerr


  • Michael Mascall
  • Doug Cowell
  • Mark de Bruijn


  1. Call to Order


  1. Nomination of meeting secretary
  • Jonathan


  1. EDA committee positions 


  • Sue Moen


Financial Agent

  • Dave Ferguson


Communications committee

  • Communications Chair = Linda
  • Jonathan

Financial / Fundraising committee

  • Fundraising Chair = Sue Moen
  • Leroy
  • Dave


Membership / Volunteer committee

  • Membership Chair = pending


Candidate Search committee

  • Organizing Chair = pending


  1. EDA Processes
  • Internal communications
    • Please include entire EDA on initial email discussions
    • If you would rather not be a part of further discussion (Please decline further discussion on an email discussion if you wish.)
  • Committees
    • May have individual conversations and then report back to the EDA.
    • Please include committee name in subject line of emails
    • Submit report to CEO prior to EDA meetings
  • Meetings
    • Agenda and committee reports
    • EDA members are expected review committee reports prior to the meeting
    • Meetings will focus on the future
  • Member / Media inquiries
    • Directed to CEO
    • Will be forwarded to appropriate committee as needed


  1. EDA Document Update
  • Paperwork completed, except for Elizabeth May’s email
  • Note: CEO has 30 days after AGM, or any change to EDA Executive, to complete the Registry Update.

Action Items:

a) Jonathan will send Elizabeth May’s executive assistant’s contact information to Dave and Sue (Jaymini Bhikha

b) Dave will send completed forms to GPC / Elections Canada


  1. Financial Update
  • Bank account pending (awaiting official EDA approval)
  • $6,100 from prior EDA was transferred to GPC after last election
  • Exact amount of EDA seed money from GPC pending


  1. Donations letter
  • Discussed different options for the letter
  • Need to get it in for this tax year
  • GPC will hold online donations until EDA is official and bank account is set up


  1. Communications
  • Newsletter first priority
  • Press Release due once EDA is announced
  • Website can come later


  1. EDA Outreach
  • Large Geography
  • Need to track mileage, gas, etc
  • Need to find local champions to organize


  1. Candidate Search
  • Planning for Nomination Meeting mid-March (Saturday, March 14 or Sunday March 15)


  1. Strategic Planning
  • Next session for EDA + others
  • Linda to facilitate


  1. Next meeting
  • Strategic Planning meeting 11am, January 13th, 2015
  • Location: TBD


Action Items:

  1. Leroy will call various facilities to determine a location
  2. Sue to send out invitations
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