It has been a busy six months for local Green Party volunteers since the recent Federal Election. Green enthusiasm is at an all-time high, and we are looking forward to keeping that momentum going here in North Island—Powell River.

A new, dynamic organizational team is in place, ready to roll up its sleeves and get to work for our community.

North Island—Powell River EDA structure

We invite you to meet the new team:

• Karina Thygesen (Membership Director) lives in the Dove Creek area. She is a new mom, beekeeper, yoga instructor, photographer, and outdoor enthusiast.

• Ricarda Van Orden (Volunteer Director) is from Black Creek. Although she is new to the world of politics, she has championed the 6 Green Values from a very young age.

• Cynthia Barnes (Powell River Engagement Director) has extensive volunteer experience. Most recently, she has been a key organizer behind the Climate Action committee in Powell River.

• David Faren (North Island Engagement Director), from Alert Bay, is a father of three, Animal Control Officer, and small business owner.

• Robin Cahill (Events Director) lives in Campbell River, and is our newest member of the team. Welcome aboard, Robin!

• Dr. Jonathan Kerr (Communications Director) is a family doctor in Comox. A father of two young children, Jonathan is passionate about environmental sustainability.

• Mark de Brujn (Policy co-Director) is a former high school science teacher and principal, moving to the Comox Valley 15 years ago.

• Dave Ferguson (Policy co-Director) lives in rural Courtenay and is a longtime Green Party supporter, having deep roots within the party and a strong knowledge of Green policy.

• Dr. Mark Tapper (Election Readiness Director) has had a distinguished career as a psychiatrist. He enjoys living in the Comox Valley, where the stars are visible in the evening sky.

• Doug Cowell (Seniors Engagement Director) lives in Merville, and is a retired photographer, photojournalist, and writer.

• Sue Moen (Fundraising Director) lives in Black Creek, and is a non-profit development guru and a former Green candidate federally.

• Michael Mascall (Financial Director), also a former Green candidate federally lives on Quadra Island and is committed to supporting local communities and economies.

• Leroy McFarlane (CEO) is an investment and insurance broker from Black Creek, and is focused on social justice and environmental protection.

You can read more about the local Green Team members here.

We invite you to join our terrific team of volunteers, especially if you have an interest in engaging youth and First Nations communities.

The Liberals have promised to make every vote count next election. Proportional representation would forecast the Green Party for at least 10 seats in Parliament. We are ready to take a big leap forward. Help us get there by joining our team.


Leroy McFarlane
CEO, North Island—Powell River
Green Party of Canada

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