May Newsletter – Q & A with Green Party volunteer Cristi Sacht

The Green Party is the only party that is offering the solutions that we need as a country.”

In this month’s newsletter, we profile local North Island Powell River Green Party volunteer, mompreneur, and Certified Energy Advisor, Cristi Sacht.

Q. What was your first impression of the Green Party?

A. My first impression, as a youth growing up in the logging community of Sayward, was that the Green Party was on the sidelines. Over the years, I have come to realize that the other three major parties are jeopardizing our future, and the Green Party is the only party focused on protecting our way of life; healthy air, healthy water, and our environment.

Q. As a supporter, what appeals to you about the Green Party?

A. The number one priority for me is integrity. Elizabeth May’s leadership is making sure that the Green Party’s focus is on the future and acting with integrity. There is a crack of light in Canadian politics, and it is a Green light!

Q. How does the Green Party align with your own values and beliefs?

A. I’m a reformed oil patch worker. After I had my son, health became a priority for me. My values changed from ‘money for me’ to the ‘big picture’. I want to align with protectors like the Green Party. The Green Party is also the only party that supports my Industry. Elizabeth May knows the value of energy efficiency and sustainability, as they are both solutions!

Q. How have you been involved as a volunteer with the Green Party?

A. I have volunteered at a couple of local Green Party events, including the recent ‘Rock the Boat with Elizabeth May’ event.

Q. What benefits do you receive from volunteering with the Green Party?

A. It feels good to share a positive message that aligns with my core values, towards a shared future with sustainable energy and using renewable resources.

Q. What has surprised you most about volunteering with the Green Party?

A. I was shocked with how full the room was with people at the ‘Rock the Boat’ event. People are starting to care! We are getting beyond the apathy. This gives me hope and inspiration!

Q. There seems to be a lot of momentum surrounding the Green Party. Why do you think that is?

A. The effects that humans have had on the planet are undesirable and need to be addressed. The Green Party is the only party that is addressing this with policy positions and real solutions. People across Canada are recognizing this.

Q. What do you wish other people knew about the Green Party?

A. For those that don’t want to vote, haven’t voted in the past, or are unsure of who to vote for this time, the Green Party is the only party that is offering the solutions that we need as a country.

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