Correction Mark de Bruijn Campaign News August 21

Apologies - please note correct time for Garden Party Campaign fundraiser is 5:00-8:00PM

Only 61 days til Election Day and we are definitely ramping up!

Door to door canvassing

Door to door canvassing is starting in Comox on August 22nd from 5:00-7:00PM, and then again on August 29th. We have Mark’s new postcards, and packages of seeds to give away. People who canvass often say that it is surprisingly enjoyable - after all, you are listening to citizens and talking with them about a person you believe in and a party that will move us into a livable future! If you want to give it a try, but need a bit of training, Megan is offering sessions in Comox on August 26th (4:30-6:30PM) and on August 30th (4:30-6:30 PM). 

You’ve heard about our fabulous store front campaign office in Powell River no doubt? The intrepid Powell River team are hosting a Garden Party Campaign Fundraiser on Aug. 24, 5:00-8:00PM at 4310 Westview Ave, Powell River - come out for the art auction, the garden, the great food and wonderful entertainment! Bring friends, and your chequebook! Tickets available at the office, or at the garden gate. For details go to our NEW website.  If you can’t make it, donating to the campaign will help us to buy more signs, perhaps get a second office, enable more messaging… It’s easy to do from Mark’s  website .

BIG organizing for Greens - a potluck and workshop

BIG organizing for Greens - a potluck and workshop with Thomas Teuwen, August 27th, 5:00-8:00PM, Black Creek Hall AND August 28th 5:00-8:00PM at the Campaign office in Powell River.
Volunteers and prospective volunteers are invited to this energizing session by Thomas Teuwen, a Synergist who connects people and ideas. Thomas has worked extensively with volunteers in various capacities; on winning campaigns (most recently for the Charlottetown Six in PEI), as a full time staff for Elizabeth May’s EDA, and traveling across Canada to engage with Green communities on the ground. Thomas has drawn upon his own experience and the experience of others to synthesize a new approach to citizen engagement. This approach promises to short circuit the tedious prospect of decades long party building. With Thomas we will:
• explore principles of big organizing;
• strengthen our team;
• go home with tools, passion and a spirit of fun,
and, THEN..….we will take all of this to the streets in order to elect MdB as our MP!! PLEASE JOIN US – WE CAN’T DO THIS WITHOUT YOU!
Bring a dish for the potluck which starts off the session at 5:00. Carol is also sending out invites by email. For details and RSVP or call (250)334-2724.

Lawn signs

Lawn signs are arriving within days, and your lawn wants one. Imagine all the Mark de Bruijn signs appearing on lawns everywhere as soon as the election is officially called. Be part of making this happen! Order your lawn sign today

For those of you on Facebook, please check out Mark’s campaign page @mdebruijn2019 to stay current with campaign events. Make a comment or two, and LIKE and SHARE what you see. Social media is an important part of the campaign, and we need your help to bring it to life.

Thanks for being part of our exciting campaign at this pivotal time! We welcome your ideas and energy.

Mark de Bruijn’s Campaign Team

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