(OTTAWA) – Lorraine Rekmans, Green Party Indigenous Affairs Critic and candidate (Leeds – Grenville – Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes), issued the following statement regarding the report on Canadian human rights published by the UN Human Rights Committee:

“Yesterday, The UN Human Rights Committee has stated that the  Canadian government is failing to act on missing and murdered Indigenous women, and not addressing violence against women generally.

“The international community has long been critical of Canada’s treatment of Indigenous peoples.  This isn’t our first failing grade on human rights.

“Security of person is a human right and must be afforded to all women, including Indigenous women in Canada.  The threats to the security of Indigenous women in this country are unconscionable.

“If we are committed to security as a country then it must be security for all. Security begins at home.”

André Belisle, Green Party candidate (Bellechasse—Les Etchemins—Lévis), continued:

“The UN report devoted a significant amount of attention to Bill C-51, the so-called ‘Anti-Terrorism Act’. This bill is dangerous and toxic for democracy and free speech in Canada. Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney has failed in his task to protect all Canadians. Instead, he wants to deprive Canadians of their Charter rights and spy on them.

“As a candidate in the upcoming federal election, I condemn Stephen Harper’s and Minister Blaney’s abuse of power. As a political party that claims to defend freedom of expression, I find it abhorrent that our Member of Parliament and Public Safety Minister wants to silence Canadians. It is an intrusion into the personal lives of Canadians and Quebec residents alike. I have no other choice but to oppose Minister Blaney’s indefensible ideology.”

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