91% of Canadians support an affordable medicine program

(OTTAWA) – The Green Party of Canada issued the following statement this month in support of the Pharmacare2020 report released today by the Pharmacare2020 group of health professionals (Doctors Danielle MartinSteven G. Morgan, Marc-André Gagnon, Barbara Mintzes, Jamie R. Daw, and Joel Lexchin):

“The Green Party welcomes the Pharmacare2020 Report and fully supports its four key recommendations – universal access to medicine, fair distribution of prescription drug costs, safe and appropriate prescriptions, and maximum health benefits per dollar spent,” said Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada and MP (Saanich – Gulf Islands).

Ms. May continued, “Canada needs a national Pharmacare program, which would allow more than 2 million Canadians to access prescriptions that they otherwise could not afford. The fact that this program would save Canadians up to $11 billion dollars each year makes both health and economic sense. This is report is bold and historic – It is Phase II that compliments our universal healthcare system, which is praised and envied around the world. I commend the authors!”

Daniel Green, Deputy Leader of the Green Party of Canada and candidate (Ville-Marie–Le Sud-Ouest–Île-des-Sœurs), continued:

“Today’s Pharmacare2020 report, which was endorsed by over 100 health policy experts from coast to coast to coast, creates a path towards making affordable medicine available to Canadian families. A recent Angus Reid Institute Poll showed that an overwhelming majority of Canadians – over 91% – want medicine that is affordable. The report states that all developed countries with a universal health care system provide universal coverage of prescription drugs — except Canada.  This is not acceptable for Canadians.

“As the Council of the Federation meets today in Newfoundland, I call on all Premiers to join the Green Party in implementing the report’s four recommendations.”

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