Sue Moen is a Campbell River resident who is a long-time friend, supporter and member of the Green Party of Canada. She was instrumental in founding the North Island-Powell River Greens in 2014 and served on its board for a number of years. Her values are firmly rooted in the six core Green Principles. If elected she would bring these in to Campbell River Council at a time when they are sorely needed, as the city struggles with housing, homelessness, climate change, a struggling economy and 1st Nations reconciliation. It is candidates like Sue who give hope for the kind of bold and progressive local governance communities all across BC need.


This is a letter she wrote to NIPR as a way of introducing herself and her candidacy for council person in the upcoming municipal election.
Mark de Bruijn
North Island - Powell River EDA CEO

My name is Sue Moen and I am running for Council in Campbell River.  I previously ran both federally and provincially for the Green Party so wanted to let folks know they have an opportunity to have those principles and values reflected at City Hall this October. My core values are equity, diversity and inclusion and my biggest priorities include housing, climate change, reconciliation and revitalizing the local economy on a human scale.


We are living within multiple crises. The effects of climate breakdown are already being felt and we are not demanding development and city operations meet the highest standards for efficiency, mitigation and resiliency.  The number of people un- or precariously housed is growing.  Folks are struggling to meet their basic needs. People understandably react in fear and many, including the current Mayor and Council, have taken to identifying the people affected by those challenges as problems. This perspective, more than anything else, galvanized me to step forward as a candidate for city Council. I want to participate in solutions. Collectively we have the answers. We need elected people who will take the necessary steps to implement them.


I describe myself as an uninvited guest on the traditional lands of the Ligwiłda’xw people, committed to decolonization. I work for a local non-profit housing organization and sit on the coordinating committee for the Campbell River & District Coalition to End Homelessness. I believe housing is a human right and the city has several tools that would make a difference but has not been using them effectively.


I have been a banker, a small business owner and a farm laborer. I have worked in retail, education, arts and culture, tourism and in the non-profit sector. I know that gathering and talking opens doors for understanding each other.


I have worked in food security for thirty years and for the last eight years I’ve been the co-manager of the Campbell River Farmers Market. I am an active member of the Canada Day Committee leading the recycling/clean-up crew for several years. I know we must change how we do business, how we interact with our natural and built environments and how we move through community. I believe in using local expertise and experience to create a more equitable, fair and healthy city. Urban agriculture and food security projects; remediation of natural ecosystems; energy and waste systems management and local manufacturing, light industry and building attainable and diverse housing – all can be done responsibly and locally.


I want to be a voice in City Hall to bring imaginative and immediate solutions to improve community health and connectedness and tackle the multiple crises we face. There are amazing individuals, agencies and groups working every day to make Campbell River’s future brighter. City Hall should be the biggest cheerleader and catalyst for that work.


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