North Island - Powell River

EDA Meeting

Jan 25, 2016

EDA members present:

  • Leroy McFarlane
  • Doug Cowell
  • Mark de Bruijn
  • Dave Ferguson
  • Jonathan Kerr

Invited Guests

  • Mark Tapper
  • Ricarda Van Orden
  • Karina Thygesen
  • Robin Cahill
  • Cynthia Barnes (by phone, Powell River)
  • Raymond Laboit (by phone, Powell River)


  • Sue Moen
  • Michael Mascall
  • Brenda Sayers

Summary of Action Items by Person:


  • Will create annual report for AGM


  • Will provide contact info summary to EDA
  • Will request Pictures and Bios from new EDA members
  • Email to GPC members the week before with reminder and basic agenda
  • Will send out our constitution with minutes
  • Upload minutes of today’s meeting to the website

Mark de B.

  • Will arrange for food at AGM


  • Will send latest invoice from GPC to auditor (for amendment)


  1. Call to Order and Introductions
  1. Nomination of meeting chair
  • Motion to nominate Leroy as meeting chair by: Ricarda
  • Seconded by: Jonathan
  • Unanimously approved
  1. Nomination of meeting secretary
  • Motion to nominate Jonathan as meeting secretary by: Leroy
  • Seconded by: Dave
  • Unanimously approved
  1. Motion to accept agenda
  • Motion to accept by: Doug
  • Seconded by: Mark de B.
  • No items added
  • Unanimously approved
  1. Review of the minutes from the last meeting
  • Motion to accept by: Dave
  • Seconded by: Mark T.
  • Unanimously approved
  1. Review and Accept the 6 Green Party Principles

Respect for Diversity                        Ecological Wisdom

Social Justice                                    Non-Violence

Sustainability                                    Participatory Democracy

  • Leroy’s acronym: “PRESSN
  • Motion to accept by: Leroy, Seconded by: Mark de B.
  • Unanimously approved
  1. EDA Executive contact list
  • Contact list sheet being circulated today
  • Jonathan will provide contact info list to group
  • Pictures and Bios will be requested from new EDA members
  1. Powell River Update
  • 4 people attended
  • Thankful for earlier time
  • Non-partisan presentation on climate change initiatives
  • A couple of people keen on having a local Green get-together
  1. Annual General Meeting
  • Date/time finalized:
    • Feb 21st
    • 4pm-6pm
  • Location:
    • Merville Hall
  • Planning Committee:
    • Mark de B. (Chair)
      • RSVP’ing would have been a good idea on invitation
      • Proxy voting is not allowed (as per constitution)
      • Agenda required
      • Need to add annual report to agenda
      • Will organize food for AGM
    • Jonathan (Communications + Liaising with GPC Head Office)
      • Official invitation sent out to entire GPC membership in the riding, giving more than 30 days notice of AGM
    • Cynthia (Powell River)
      • 4 members coming by ferry at 1:15pm
      • Mark will pick up the group
    • Ricarda (Voting procedures)
      • Will open hall and setup
      • Will have ballots available
      • Will need scrutineers
    • Goals:
      • Focus on formal duties
      • Vote new EDA Executive


  1. EDA Director Roles and Recruitment
  • Reviewed roles that we are recruiting for and graphic summarizing interested individuals for each role
  • Slate will be put forth at the upcoming AGM for ratification
  1. Reports                                                                                    
  2. CEO
  3. EDA Secretary / Assistant CEO
  4. Financial Director / Financial Agent
  • Campaign report has been submitted.
  1. Membership Director
  2. Fundraising Director
  3. Volunteer Director                                                
  4. Communications Director
  5. Policy Directors
  • 4 members viewed Electoral Reform webinar last week
  • Important to stay informed on policy issues
  • Canadians are ready for change
  1. Events Director
  2. Election Readiness Director
  3. Powell River Director
  4. North Island Director
  5. Youth Engagement Director
  6. Seniors Engagement Director
  7. First Nations Engagement Director
  1. New business                                                                         3:20-3:25
  • Provincial election discussed
  1. Next meeting date                                                             3:25-3:29
  • Meeting for AGM committee: Jan 19th, time TBD
  • AGM, Feb 21st, 4pm-6pm
  • New EDA: Monday, February 29th, 2pm, Mark Tapper’s house
  1. Motion to adjourn                                                             3:29-3:30
  • Motion to adjourn by: Doug
  • Seconded by: Mark de B.
  • Unanimously approved
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