Must Reads from Last Week

BC Electoral Reform Referendum

Part 1:  The BC government consultation site for the 2018 referendum is up.  They are looking for feedback between now and February 28, 2018, at 4 p.m.  Everyone please check out the questionnaire and make a written submission if you think some of the questions are too confusing or obscure.  There are links to read about different systems, the questionnaire, and for written submissions to

Go to first, and it will take you to the survey.

Part 2:  BC Electoral Reform Referendum:  Get involved locally

Check out Fair Vote Comox Valley Facebook page and Fair Vote BC’s page.

Fair Vote Comox Valley is also now accepting donations.  If you can’t give your time, here’s how you can support this campaign over the next year.  E-transfers can be made to:  If you do an e-transfer, please put your name in the Note field and some sort of contact information so we can thank you.  If you’d like to write a cheque, send an email to and we’ll give you the address.

We need your help to get to 50 + 1 in this referendum.  We’ve got a great group, but we need more people. Get in on the action!  Contact Megan at to get involved.

Part 3:  The BC Alliance of Make Every Voter Count is up and running! Their first article just ran in the Vancouver Sun.

Part 4:  Hmmm…where have we seen this promise before?  Jagmeet Singh Promises Next Election Will Be Last Under First-Past-The-Post?! Read more








Local Hero

An interview Guy Dauncey holds with Comox Valley’s Delores Broten of The Watershed Sentinel. They cover the myriad issues which The Watershed Sentinel covers. It’s a very interesting conversation.


Agricultural Land Reserve

The BC government is conducting a consultation on our agricultural land reserve program.  Check it out.  Read more

The Wine War (or should that be The Whine War?)

Alberta has declared war on BC wines. What say we choose a date and time to meet at a local liquor store and take photos of people buying BC wines?  Any takers?

Kinder Morgan

Part 1:  On CBC radio news 6:00 Wednesday PM

Trudeau government will insist on ultimate authority over fate of pipeline in B.C.-Alberta spat:

“The key message [is] that we want to help bring the temperature down,” a senior Liberal, speaking on condition of anonymity, told CBC News, “but ultimately the federal government will not allow any province to impinge on its jurisdiction over the national interest. Full stop.”

Part 2:  Some people in California don’t want Kinder Morgan any more than we do!

Excerpt:  “The Kinder Morgan pipeline, if it was built, would increase the tanker traffic along the west coast, including in the United States along Seattle’s bay as well…We’re concerned that the Kinder Morgan would both imperil our climate and also imperil our coast lines as well.”


New ways of organizing just in time for the next Federal election?

Excerpt:  Millennial voters, and Generation Z coming right behind them, won’t stand for top-down politics. Parties need to open up and trust their supporters, or get left behind.”

Thought of the day:

You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.  (Abraham Lincoln)

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