Printed in the Comox Valley Echo, September 2015

When I was in high school my very wise Law teacher advised us on our responsibility when we would go out to vote. He said we would need to decide the criteria for selecting for whom we would vote. Would it be for the candidate that

  • was the best in our riding,
  • had the best leader,
  • belonged to the party that was most in line with our principles?

Well, the best candidate would be one that can represent the wishes of our community. It is the one who goes to the people and finds out what it is like to be a small business, live on a reserve, be a senior who is unable to find the services needed, be someone who supplies these or other services, live on the street. It is one that will do her homework, familiarizing herself with the issue at hand rather than doing as she is told by the party. It is the one who will stand up in parliament and calmly, but pointedly, make his position known and fight for what he believes is best for his riding. It is the one who works for all the people of Canada and works to protect Canada for today and the future.

The best leader is the one who always does her homework before making a decision. It is the one that does not believe in smear campaigns, but would rather state for what he stands. It is the one who uses reason—not rhetoric.

The best party is the one that puts the health of our nation before the greed of some corporations and individuals. It is the one that is not bound by political donations made by self interest groups such as corporations or unions. It is the one that does not whip their MPs but allows them to use their intelligence and integrity to make the best decision for Canada.

This election I plan to vote for something—not against something. And I will be voting in a way that positively addresses the three things my Law teacher suggested I consider.


Ricarda Van Orden, Dzini Road, Black Creek

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