In October of this year the Save Our Forests Team highlighted our concern about clear-cutting of the original / old growth forest adjacent to the Mount Washington Parkway at Ramparts Creek / Browns River area with a Letter to the Editor in the COMOX VALLEY RECORD. Mosaic Forest Management is doing the clearcutting and is the forestry arm of Timberwest who actually owns the land. Mosaic has shown itself adept at side stepping issues of biodiversity and sustainability of forests / watersheds by indicating its participation in the industry led Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI). Ecojustice and eight environmental groups have just filed a complaint with the Competition Bureau requesting it conduct an inquiry into false and misleading ‘sustainability’ claims made by the SFI about its sustainable forest certification scheme. Devon Page, executive director, Ecojustice said: “The Sustainable Forestry Initiative’s standard is a greenwashed certification that misleads consumers and fails to protect forests and the environment. This deception needs to stop immediately.” We cannot wait, we must stop this old growth logging NOW. Timberwest was bought in 2011 by provincial pension plans managed by BC Investment Management Corporation (BCi) (teachers, ICBC, BC Hydro, provincial employees) and federal pension plans managed by Public Sector Pension Investment Board (PSP) (civil servants, RCMP, military) for just over $1 billion. This is only a very small proportion of their more than $350 billion invested.

These pension plans can afford to take a slightly lower return on this investment to ensure the continued existence of these old growth forests and their associated species. If you are a retired or ongoing member of any of these groups or a concerned citizen, we need to write BCi and PSP in a huge ground swell indicating that this logging of the original / old growth forests adjacent to Ramparts Creek / Browns River is totally unacceptable in this time of a dual Climate and Biodiversity Crisis. If we care about the type of world we are leaving for our children and their children we must act now!

Please watch the 4-minute video from Save Our Forests Team - Comox Valley:

Old Growth Logging at Ramparts Creek near Mount Washington Ski Resort

If you want to hear more about how you can participate, please contact the Save Our Forests Team – Comox Valley (SOFT-CV) at .

(Submitted by Jay Van Oostdam)

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