Meet your NIPR Green Party candidate nominees

Join other Green Party supporters in the Powell River area in welcoming and getting to know Blair Cusack and Mark de Bruijn to the nomination contest for this year’s Federal election. The public is welcome – bring your friends and family.

Sunday, February 10, 2019 from 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM at the Powell River Public Library,

PS: Scroll down to view the bios of both nominees.

Consider your Candidate

Printed in the Comox Valley Echo, September 2015 When I was in high school my very wise Law teacher advised us on our responsibility when we would go out to vote. He said we would need to decide the criteria for selecting for whom we would vote. Would it be for the candidate that was the best in our riding, had the best leader, belonged to the party that was most in line with our principles? Well, the best candidate would be one that can represent the wishes of our community. It is the one who goes to the people and finds out what it is like to be a small business, live on a reserve, be a senior who is unable to find the services needed, be someone who supplies these or other services, live on the street. It is one that will do her homework, familiarizing herself with the issue at hand rather than doing as she is told by the party. It is the one who will stand up in parliament and calmly, but pointedly, make his position known and fight for what he believes is best for his riding. It is the one who works for all the people of Canada and works to protect Canada for today and the future. The best leader is the one who always does her homework before making a decision. It is the one that does not believe in smear campaigns, but would rather state for what he stands. It is the one who uses reason—not rhetoric. The best party is the one that puts the health of our...

Can’t get no satisfaction?

Printed in the Powell River Peak, September 9th, 2015   Three bears: Papa, Mama and Baby, were all of voting age. They all wanted Stephen Harper to be retired, the environment to be restored and the economy to again be vibrant and resilient [“Party games,” August 19]. Still, they had differences. Papa said, “I’ve read that ‘history is destiny.’ I’ll vote for the non-Conservative party that performed best in the last election.” Papa didn’t know that several Green Party victories (federal, provincial and municipal) had overturned the voting precedents of their preceding elections. Papa voted Liberal. Mama said, “I’ve heard that pollsters are smarter than Oprah. I’ll vote for the non-Conservative party that ranks best in the polls.” Mama didn’t know that pollsters had dramatically failed to anticipate either the 2013 defeat of BC New Democratic Party or the 2015 victory of the Alberta NDP. Mama voted NDP. Baby said, “I trust my values, principals and beliefs: ecological wisdom, social justice, sustainability, respect for diversity, participatory democracy and non-violence. As a bear, I also value trustworthiness, integrity and reliability.” Then Canada (bears included) voted. Harper and his Conservative government were defeated. Both Liberals and the NDP increased their seats in Parliament. Yet, Papa and Mama felt disappointed and disheartened. As the elder bears saw it, campaign promises and policies of both Liberal and NDP parties seemed watered down even before election day. Neither party displayed a deep understanding of the environment. Neither party convincingly wove solutions connecting the environment with concerns for a green economy. Both parties were notably skimpy in their identification of measurable environmental targets. Loose promises...

Newsletter – April 2015

Green Greetings !   We Need You!  Each of us has a story of why we started supporting the Green Party. For some of us, it is due to the Green Party’s dedication to sustainability and the environment. For others, it is the Green Party’s ongoing commitment to non-violence, social justice, democratic reform, and the Green Economy. Whatever your reason, you may have also been wondering how you could lend your passion and energy to further benefit your community and the planet. The North Island – Powell River Federal Green Party Association is looking for volunteers in all regions of the riding for a number of meaningful, challenging, and fun activities. Whatever your passion, interest, or time available, we have something for you!  Do you enjoy connecting with others and developing teams? Consider becoming a local organizer or volunteer team leader. Do you like being outside and talking about issues important to you? You might enjoy being a foot canvasser. Are you more comfortable talking on the phone anonymously? Phone canvassing might be your cup of tea. Do you enjoy writing or have experience with social media? Join our communications team. Do you have previous event planning experience? We could use your help. Or would you prefer attending local events and being in charge of a Green Party table? We have what you need to set up and have fun. Are you good at staying organized? Perhaps you can assist with our member relations efforts.  You can expect a number of benefits from becoming a Green Party volunteer; developing and honing your skills, meeting other engaged community members, being...

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