Do you like to read? Do you enjoy research? Do you like writing? Do you want to improve as a writer? Are you able to offer suggestions to writers on how they may improve their skills? Are you detail orientated and can you edit for spelling, punctuation, grammar and sentence structure errors?

Well, the North Island Powell River Electoral District Association (EDA) needs you.

As part of the EDA’s strategic plan, a comprehensive communications initiative has emerged that combines staying in touch with members digitally (i.e. Facebook, tweets, Instagram, videos) and through traditional communication formats that include complete sentences and standard punctuation. ? 

No matter which format you prefer to use in receiving communication from the EDA, each requires background information that is carefully researched from reliable sources, as well as presented in an effective and efficient manner.

That’s where you come in. 

The EDA wants to build an Asset Library, a source from which the communication group and the EDA can safely present the Green position on a variety of issues. Examples could include articles relating to the Green Core Principles; materials on different aspects of the 2019 Campaign Platform; a talking points memo about the Green position on the Guaranteed Liveable Income, for example. To be most effective, all of these should be linked to issues that impact the North Island Powell River Electoral District.

The information in the Asset Library may be used in newspaper articles, letters to the editor, press releases, and the EDA’s newsletter and contact emails. The same information may provide accurate background for a Facebook post, meme, tweet, Instagram or even a video.

Building the content of the Asset Library requires the work of people who like to read, research, adequately cite sources, and write both long and short articles and news briefs. 

We are thinking of ourselves as the Asset Library Writers Group. We hope to set up an internal mechanism that sees one person researching and writing an article and another person in the group providing feedback. When a rewrite is completed, the entire group will be asked for input. Finally, one member of the EDA’s board will vet the article for accuracy regarding the current Green position on the topic.

Picture this: 

Miss Piggy researches and writes an article about road safety on Sesame Street .

Oscar the Grouch offers feedback…and then Miss Piggy rewrites the article.

The entire cast offers comments about the finished product.

The Count edits it.

Finally, Betty Lou , a member of the EDA, checks it to make sure the ideas in the article accurately articulate the GPC stance on the topic.

Then the article goes into the Asset Library (just kidding) to be used and reused in whole or in part as situations arise. Or maybe the article is sent quickly to one of the area news outlets in response to a local issue. Local issues like fish farms, homelessness, and food security are top-of-mind.

What do you think? Does this sound like something you’d like to be involved in? 

If so, contact Megan Ardyche, Director of Communications at megan.ardyche@greenparty.ca, with your contact information.

This is an opportunity for you to share your skills and help the NIPR EDA to Power Up. 

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