December 21, 2023


The wild and wacky days of winter are upon us, high winds, rain/frost/snow or all of the above in one day. Bring out the boots, coats and mittens and enjoy the cold air!

Our Green NIPR (North Island-Powell River) Executive team is preparing for our Strategic Planning retreat in early 2024 and we are asking for your support. We also put out our quarterly newsletter this month: see the December Newsletter here! We are very thankful for the support that you have given in the past. It does take all of us working together to create the positive changes we are looking for, and we appreciate and value the contributions that you are able to make.

There is a new Green Party initiative, the Campaign School, that is another activity you could assist us with. The first two modules were presented this past month and the next modules will begin in the spring. Your donation for this unique project can have a real impact. Our NIPR EDA has committed funding and personnel to participate in this new initiative designed to build a winning campaign culture and team as we prepare for the next election. This training series will blend the approach of Community Organizing & Leadership championed by Marshall Ganz, with the demonstrated best practices within the Green Party of Canada that have helped get Greens elected and our issues debated in Parliament. Recently, Green Party MP Mike Morrice introduced a motion to apply a windfall tax on oil and gas profits that would generate $4.2 billion to be directed towards proven climate solutions and affordability measures for Canadians. If you agree that we need more Green parliamentarians like Mike, you can help with a donation today (see the DONATE link below)!

Why Campaign School Matters:

  • Empowering Future Leaders: Your donation will help educate our local team and give them invaluable experience.
  • Tangible Impact:  Your support means direct funding for local expert training and hands-on campaign experience.
  • Long-term Change:  This school lays the groundwork for the future of local environmental advocacy and political action.


Every Canadian may donate up to $1,700 in 2023 to an EDA (all EDAs combined)e.g. to NIPR Green Party EDAand another $1,700 to each registered political party, e.g. to the Green Party of Canada. If you are able to, please consider maximizing your political donations by December 31st. For complete rules, see 2023 Elections Canada political donation rules.

Each contribution, regardless of size, is impactful.

Donating is more than financial support; it is fueling a movement. It is nurturing future environmental leaders. You are creating a lasting legacy in our quest for a better world.

Thank you for considering this extraordinary opportunity. Together, we can transform our aspirations and visions into actions and victories.

With gratitude,
Mark de Bruijn,
CEO, North Island - Powell River Green Party EDA

The North Island-Powell River Green Party EDA was the first riding in Canada to have selected a candidate for the next election. We can all be proud of Jessica Wegg. She will be a superb representative in Ottawa for the people of North Island-Powell River. Under the leadership of Elizabeth May and Jonathan Pedneault, Jessica will be an important part of the Green Party of Canada team as they continue to champion progressive policies for the environment, the economy, and social justice.

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