To all our Green friends throughout the riding,

Best Wishes

Before this momentous year is over, we want to thank you all again for your amazing support during the past year, and especially during the recent election – and to wish you all a very enjoyable winter season. Whatever you do to celebrate this time of year, whether it is spending time with family and friends, travelling, or enjoying your favourite activities, we sincerely hope it’s a time of lightness, happiness and appreciation.

Your new Executive 

We also want to let you know that last Saturday, your new Electoral District Association (EDA) executive held its first meeting since the election. This group of 12 volunteers has stepped forward to plan and coordinate Green activities in our riding for the coming year.

To introduce ourselves, the directors of your EDA, here are our names (in alphabetical order):

• Blair Cusack (Comox)
• Carol Thatcher (Comox)

• Chris Tithecott (Campbell River)
• Doug Cowell (Comox)
• Elizabeth Crum (from Campbell River)
• Jay Van Oostdam (Comox — Financial Agent)
• Ken Palfrey (Powell River)
• Linda Ash (Port McNeill)
• Mark de Bruijn (Comox)
• Megan Ardyche (Comox — CEO)
• Susan Holvenstot (Comox)
• Susan Short (Powell River)

As you know, at 53,000 km sq., our riding is one of the largest in BC. We are pleased that more areas of our riding are now better represented on the Executive than ever before. However, there is always room for more, especially from our smaller centres! If you are interested in the idea of helping to shape the North Island Greens, please contact us and we will be happy to explore this with you. 


Looking Ahead

As our team began its work on Saturday, we were blessed with a wealth of enthusiasm, humour, and creativity in our midst – an exciting harbinger of what’s to come! Our vision and our goals are to continue to increase the profile of the Green Party of Canada and what it stands for, in anticipation of the next election. This next election could be upon us sooner than we think!


Lastly, the work of a riding association always requires money. We need to pay for an account to have online meetings regularly since our Executive members are so spread out. And we’d like to visit parts of the riding at least once in the next year. We’d also like to increase our presence on social media and put out a regular newsletter, all of which costs money. 

If you are able to make a donation to NIPR, it would be incredibly helpful. There are still days left in 2019 to take advantage of the government’s generous tax credits for political donations. A huge thank you! to all our donors. Your support is crucial to our work of bringing Green values into Canadian politics, and is so appreciated.


Wishing you all things Green,

Megan Ardyche, CEO
Mark de Bruijn, 2019 candidate and
The entire NIPR EDA Executive

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