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Newsletter Jan to Sept 2017

Message from the CEO Greens dream of sustainable lifestyle, deep meaningful democracy, and limits to growth in respect for finite resources. Your NIPR executive has the courage and a vision to serve and be visible in our communities. On behalf of NIPR Greens, I thank...

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Green Storming Workshop

Federal GP EDA Get-Together After the BC Green Party AGM in Sidney, on Sunday morning, August 20, 2017, we had a gathering of Federal Green Party EDAs whose members were also attending the AGM.  Wally Kunz, CEO of Vancouver East EDA, had the foresight to ask why not...

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Tribal Journeys in K’omoks, August 3, 2017

The Green Party is represented at a second location on Tribal Journeys.  It was a great experience to be part of the volunteer group in K’omoks.  Just for washing grapes alone, we had 6 or 7 people.  And then there were the people making mountains of spaghetti sauce and cooking pasta, or the people putting together the food bags for the paddlers as they landed.  Let me tell you, those food bags were heavy!  K’omoks was not the final location and not all the canoes stopped here, but still there was a huge number of people involved to make it happen.  Being part of a huge effort like that was inspiring.

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“Living Green”: An interview with Susan Holvenstot

Susan Holvenstot, Green Party supporter  As part of a series of “Living Green” interviews with local Green Party supporters, I had the pleasure of interviewing Comox Valley resident Susan Holvenstot. Susan spent a month this past winter visiting indigenous...

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